Sleepypod Clickit Terrain Car Safety Harness

Posted by ,Jul 23, 2019

A car joy ride ranks right up there with treats and walkies in our dog's world. Navigating the roads alert with all your passengers safely buckled in is our job. Road trips or short trips with your dog should be stress free. When your dog see his or her human buckling up, they won't feel left out. There are many car safety harnesses to choose from, however finding one that does it's job and is comfortable for your dog can be a challenge. Sleepypod have designed the Clickit car safety harness range. They have continuously worked towards improving comfort features to pin down the perfect fit and of course have earned prestigious awards from their rigorous crash testing.  

Safety First

Clickit Terrain Duke Dummy
The Clickit Terrain is their latest model. Tests were conducted on their dummy test
dog aka DUKE 2.0 to measure crash forces when catapulting forward in a collision. The Centre for Pet Safety is an organisation dedicated to consumer and companion animal safety. Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety founder said “Sleepypod consistently outperforms other pet product manufacturers who struggle to even attempt to meet our rigorous testing and performance requirements. There is a level of commitment here that we simply don’t see from the rest of the industry.” She was referring to the Cilckit Sport, Sleepypod's top performing car safety harness which was awarded a five star safety rating in 2014. 

Clickit Terrain Crash Test ResultsClickit Terrain Buckle UP

The Clickit Terrain is Sleepypod's latest high performance car safety harness. It's design features optimum enhanced safety, comfort and control features for everyday use.  
Watch the crash test Clickit Terrain Clip
Michael Leung, Sleepypod co-founder and lead product designer says “In order to reduce accident injuries, there needs to be measurable data to assist in creating a safer product design. Clickit Terrain excels in its ability to absorb kinetic energy while keeping the pet from accelerating forward and leaving the seat.” Data collected from the crash tests revealed a 10 percent reduction on the highly vulnerable chest area.

Clickit Terrain Features

Over and above being crash tested what makes the Clickit Terrain worth the price tag is the new shock absorbing sleeves designed to work with a broad padded vest and patented Infinity Loop. The same patent pending shock absorbing sleeves make the Clickit Terrain comfortable for use as an everyday walking harness. It is light and easy to use, it also provides better control for the handler. Reflective patches on the harness shoulders can be interchanged with service patches for working dogs. Working dogs and active dogs will benefit from the Clickit Terrain design.

Measuring your dog correctly is important, follow Sleepypod's guide and when in doubt or your dog measures between 2 sizes, opt for the smaller one. 

Clickit Terrain Sizing Guide

The Sleepypod range is  available in the UK and EU,

The Clickit Terrain is available in 4 funky colours ->SHOP CLICKIT TERRAIN