Top Dog Car Seat

Posted by Andrea ,May 30, 2024
Top Dog Car Seat

Top Dog Car Seat

When your dog accompanies you on road trips and car rides, a booster seat or car dog seat can be crucial to keeping you the driver and your furry friend safe, while you focus on the task of getting to your destination.

If your furry co pilot suffers from car anxiety or motion sickness a car seat can be invaluable. Buckle up, as we take a closer look at the best dog car seats, tips to consider before purchasing one and safety features ensuring every road trip is a tail-wagging success.

Why are dog car seats a good idea?

Dog car seats can be an indispensable accessory for any pet owner who travels often with their best friend. Beyond the undeniable cuteness factor, these specialized seats serve a crucial role in ensuring the safety, well-being, and overall fun experience for dogs who love the view and wind in their hair.

Safety takes precedence, securing your dog in a designated car seat reduces the risk of injury during sudden stops or accidents. Just as we use seat belts to protect ourselves, dogs benefit from the added security provided by these seats, preventing them from becoming projectiles or getting injured. Read more on the Highway code Rule 5 on driving with pets from GOV.UK.

Dog car seats minimize distractions for drivers. Tethered in a comfortable secure car seat, dogs are not only protected but are also unable roam freely inside the vehicle, ensuring that the driver's attention remains focused on the road.

Many of these seats are designed with orthopedic cushions, offering support for dogs with joint issues or older pets who may struggle with long rides. Dog car ramps can also come in handy for older dogs to easily enter and exit the car.

The elevated position also allows dogs to enjoy the scenery, reducing anxiety and in some cases car sickness. Dog car seats provide a designated and contained space for pets, minimizing mess and wear-and-tear on the car interior. This not only keeps the car cleaner but also creates a designated space where dogs can feel secure, fostering a positive association with car travel.

What you should know before purchasing a dog car seat

There are many styles and types to choose from. Ultimately, your choice will likely be determined by the available space in your car, getting the most optimal seat size for your dog and lastly your dogs temperament and excitement level on car rides.

Your Car

Measure Your Car's Interior: Start by measuring the available space in your car where you intend to place the dog car seat. Would you prefer the car seat for your dog shot gun or in the rear? Take note of the width, length, and height of the designated area. Consider not only the space on the seat itself but also access to the seat belt you will use to secure the car seat in place.

Check the Dog Car Seat Dimensions: Compare the overall dimensions of the dog car seat you're interested in purchasing with the available space in the car. Manufacturers typically provide information on the width, length, and height of their products. The seat should fit comfortably within the space without obstructing other passengers or compromising the functionality of the car.

Check for Installation Compatibility: Different dog car seats have varying installation methods. Some may require a headrest, while others use the car's seatbelt system. Check there are no there are no restrictions or requirements for installation that might impact the fit.

Your Dog

Refer to Size Guidelines: Follow size guidelines based on the weight and dimensions of the dog car seat to accommodate your dog. The dimensions of the seat should offer enough space for your dog to sit or lie down comfortably. Double and large dog seats are great for two best buddies.

Consider Your Dog's Temperament: Take your dog's temperament into account when choosing a design. Some dogs may feel more secure in a booster seat that is elevated. Elevated dog car seats can help with dogs that suffer from car sickness. A more open dog bed design would suit dogs that are likely to snooze during a car ride. Others are very excitable and bark out the window at pedestrians and will need to be securely restrained to ensure they do not try jump or escape.

Choose Orthopedic Seats For Older Dogs: If your dog has specific health concerns or joint issues, look for dog car seats that offer orthopedic support. These seats feature memory foam for your dog's comfort, especially during longer rides.

Consider Cleaning and Maintenance: Dogs can be messy after a muddy or wet walk. Choose a dog car seat with removable and washable covers.

Dog Car Seat Recommendations

Where’s Winnie Isofix Dog Car Seat

Isofix dog car seat

Introducing this stunning proudly British, eco-friendly dog car seat. Designed with impeccable craftsmanship, this Isofix-compatible seat fits snugly in both the back and front seats of your car. Simply clip it into the Isofix points for a secure car ride. This seat includes a shock bungee leash to attach to your dog's harness, ensuring that even during sharp turns, your pup remains as steady as the Queen's Guard. Crafted to last with high-quality materials, it features removable cushions for easy cleaning. It doubles up to use as a comfy travel bed, making your dog feel like royalty on the road. Available in two sizes, small and medium, and in four elegant colours, this car seat offers the perfect blend of style, safety, and comfort for your furry companion. It’s the top choice for any discerning dog owner. 

More info on How to fit the Isofix Dog Car Seat

Luther Bennet Travel Dog Pod

Luther Bennet Travel Pod

The ultimate solution for your pooch's travel woes: a versatile and stylish dog car seat and a calming travel bed. Featuring extra strong woven handles, it’s a breeze to carry on the go.

The tall edges around the 5-point dog pod give your furry friend a cozy nook to hide, sit up, or relax like they’re in their own little armchair. Made with muddy paw-resistant nano-nylon material, this seat/bed combo is both durable and easy to clean. Designed to cradle small or medium-sized dogs, it keeps them calm and secure, relieving anxiety and travel stress.

Equipped with two safety leashes, it ensures your dog is safe and sound, no matter how winding the road. Dog owners love it because it combines practicality with style, and ensures a peaceful experience for their four-legged companions. Give your dog the best comfort and security on your next adventure

Julibee’s Ultra Soft Luxury Dog Car Seat

Julibee's has outdone themselves with this heavy-duty canvas car seat. With durable construction and comfy cotton filling, this seat makes car rides a joy — whether you're chauffeuring a Chihuahua or a pack of Jack Russels. It is available in three sizes, from small to a three-seat XXL that can accommodate your canine crew. The two-seater and three-seater versions secure to your back seat headrests and include three safety leashes. This ultra-soft luxury car seat lets your large dog sit or sprawl in comfort, while the quad-safety system ensures they’re protected, and the anti-slip bottom keeps things steady during those sharp turns. It’s the perfect solution for multi-dog households, making sure every pooch has a premium spot for the ride.

Julibee’s Waterproof Vibrant Dog Car Seat

XXL Wterproof Vibrant Dog Car Seat

A stylish and versatile "all-in-one" waterproof car seat for your boot! When you're cramming your Great Dane into your sedan and space is tight, this essential accessory comes to the rescue. Shielding your car from damage and muddy paws, plus it expands into a dog bed for those pet-friendly hotel stays or restaurant visits. Perfect for SUVs with spacious boots or back seats, it’s available in three sizes and colors to match your dog's larger-than-life personality.

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