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What size is my breed?
     Dogs come in all shapes and sizes with their own unique characteristics and temperament. The dog breeds spectrum is vast from the tea cup teeny breeds to the the gentle giants. Somehow dogs inevitably seem to choose us and so we are fortunate to have dogs own us ultimately.   

Meet Cupcake, the smallest sweetest service dog


  Meet Freddy, the tallest Great Dane


  A dog's size and weight will vary depending on the dog being male or female particularly applicable with larger breeds. Below is a guide to popular UK dog breed categories. The guide is based on the height and weight of the unique dog breeds within each category. Click on the dog size breed image for more general info on your breed and recommended products.

Measuring your pooch is important when shopping online or in store to ensure you get the best possible fit. All our product ranges have sizing guides and product dimensions including weight restrictions that are helpful to consider before purchasing. If you are not certain, and need any assistance, please feel free to contact us Contact Us.  
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