When Should You Use a Dog Stroller?

Posted by Andrea ,Nov 22, 2023
When Should You Use a Dog Stroller?

There are certain situations and circumstances when a dog stroller can come in handy, to help your best friend make the most out of life.  They can be a game changer, you will wonder why you waited so long to invest in one.  

 8 Benefits of Using a Dog Stroller

  1. Age and Health Issues

Inevitably time marches on and we all age. We all experience a decline in mobility and energy levels to some degree. Sadly, for our beloved pets their time is far more limited than ours. Senior dogs, as well as dogs with health issues, may not be able to enjoy long walks or hikes as they once did. In these difficult situations a dog stroller can be a lifesaver. It allows your aging or ailing pet to still enjoy the great outdoors without exerting themselves. Dog Pram eliminate the stress that all family members feel when their pet is struggling.

For dogs recovering from surgery or injury, a stroller can be a safe and comfortable way to get some fresh air during the rehabilitation period. It prevents them from putting excessive weight on their recovering limbs while still enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the outside world. This aids in the healing process and keeps their spirits up during a difficult time. Training your dog to use a pushchair may take some patience. For training tips read more here.  . 

  1. Small Breeds and Toy Dogs

Small dog breeds and toy dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Pomeranians, are particularly well-suited for dog strollers. These little ones have delicate constitutions, and their small size can make them vulnerable to dangers like rough terrain, dirty pavements and large crowds. A dog stroller provides a safe, and comfortable mobile carrier for them, especially in crowded urban environments.

Many small dog owners live in apartment buildings, most dog pram on the market are robust but equally fairly light weight and easy to push. When it's time for a bathroom break or outdoor playtime, a stroller can be a convenient way to transport your tiny pup  to the nearest park without worrying about getting in and out of lifts or potential run-ins with other dogs. 

 Dog Strollers for Small Dogs

  1. Puppies in Training

Puppies are inquisitive and full of fun & energy. They need exposure to the world to grow into well-rounded adults. Training your puppy to use a stroller will help keep them contained in certain environments as well as from getting over tired.

Your pup can observe the world from a safe vantage point, gradually getting used to new experiences without becoming overwhelmed. This controlled introduction to different sights, sounds, smells and people can help develop their confidence. 

  1. Outdoor Events and Crowded Places

If you're a dog owner who loves to participate in outdoor events, from farmers' markets to music festivals, a dog pushchair can be an ideal way to bring your dog along for the fun. Crowded places can be overwhelming for dogs, even those who are well-socialized. A stroller provides a familiar and secure space where your dog can retreat when the crowd gets too much, and they need a break.

It ensures your dog won't get stepped on or accidentally tripped over in bustling environments. It can also be a useful tool for navigating through large crowds, helping you avoid potential leash tangles or tripping hazards while keeping your furry companion close. 

 Double Decker Pet Stroller

  1. Multiple Dogs

For owners with more than one dog, a dog stroller can make outings more manageable. If you have one dog that needs a leisurely stroll and another that craves a brisk walk or run, a dog buggy allows you to accommodate both dogs' needs simultaneously. This can be particularly useful when one dog has different exercise requirements due to age or health. This way everyone is happy and receives the attention and activity level they deserve.

Double dog prams can also be useful if you have two dogs and at some point during a walk both best buddies hop into their chariot. 

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  1. Bad Weather

Wet UK winters has its challenges as do heat waves. Shelter your dog from extreme conditions in their cosy dog pram cabin. TheInnopet & Ibiyaya dog strollers either include rain covers or these can be purchase separately. You can keep your dog dry and warm.

In hot weather the mesh all round windows and in some innovative models sun roofs ensure good ventilation. Plus, there is always storage pockets or baskets for your dog essentials like water.

Dog strollers are versatile.  

  1. City Living and Public Transportation

Living in a bustling city with a dog can be both rewarding and challenging. Navigating busy streets, public transportation, and congested sidewalks can be stressful for dogs and owners alike. A dog stroller simplifies the logistics.

In many cities, dogs are required to be on a leash, and navigating busy streets can be intimidating. Prams make this a breeze plus your dog will draw a lot of attention. Buses, subways, and trains become far more accessible with a stroller, making city life convenient and fun for both you and your dog.

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 Sporty Off Road Dog Pram

  1. Outdoor Adventures

If you enjoy camping trips or days out hiking, biking, or long walks and pub hopping you may come across terrains that are challenging for your dog. Especially if they are small, older, or have health issues. A dog stroller or bike trailer is a fantastic product that lets you all spend quality time together doing what you love most.

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While the idea of a dog stroller may initially raise some eyebrows, these products can be practical and stylish additions that improve your dog’s quality of life and general wellbeing. Every dog is unique, and finding the ideal dog pram for your breed is crucial to the success of your dog enjoying the ride and making the most out of using it in all kinds of situations and environments.

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