Safety First


You wouldn't dream of driving anywhere without a seatbelt on, so why let your dog travel in an unsafe way?

Where's Winnie takes your dog's safety extremely seriously. 

The Highway Code states that dogs travelling in the car must be suitably restrained. If your dog was loose in the car and you were in an accident, not only would you put yourself, your dog and any passengers at risk, but your insurance could also be invalidated.

With a Where's Winnie car seat, you can travel with complete peace of mind knowing your dog is travelling safely, comfortably and that you aren't breaking the law.

 Isofix Dog Car Seat

How to fit the small Isofix car seat

The Isofix car seat fits in both the back and the front seats of the car. If it is in the back of the car, clip the car seat into the Isofix points for extra security (if your car doesn't have Isofix points, you can also use the back strap around the seat).

We advise you use both the Isofix clips and back strap together for extra safety. 

Click here for a video showing these steps. 

Isofix Dog Car Seat

If in the front passenger seat, use the strap around the back of the seat to hold the car seat in place. Please make sure you disable the airbag if your dog travels in the front seat. 

Isofix front car seat


How to fit the large car seat

The large car seat fits in the back of the car and can be used on either side. The car seat is secured using an adjustable strap around the seat. 

Isofix dog car seat large


How to secure your dog in the car seat

Every Where's Winnie car seat comes with a shock absorbing safety leash, made from super strong nylon material, to absorb some of the impact in case of sharp braking.  

No Bungee dog leash

Once the car seat is safely secured in the car, clip the safety leash into the metal D-ring inside the base of the car seat and clip the other end on to your dog's harness. 

We strongly recommend that you use a dog harness rather than a collar to protect your dog's neck should you be in a collision. 

The hook clips used on either end swivel 360 degrees to prevent any unnecessary tangles when your dog moves around in the car seat.

Secure dog leash for car seat

Metal clips are used throughout for extra strength and there is an anti-slip base to help prevent the car seat moving.