Tips to consider before purchasing a Dog Stroller

Posted by Andrea ,Sep 01, 2023
Tips to consider before purchasing a Dog Stroller

Come rain or shine, there is always an opportunity to take your pooch out with you to enjoy the pleasure of the outdoors and random roaming. Whether it's a pet carrier or a pet stroller your first consideration when choosing either is what size dog stroller do I need? Will my dog fit in and will he or she be comfortable?

You might be that pet parent that used to be motivated by your dogs excited jumps ready for a walk and now they can't anymore and it breaks your heart. If you enjoy the outdoors or shopping and leisurely park walks, you no longer need to leave your furry baby at home. You can stroll down the street with your pooch and plenty of room for storing shopping and doggie treats. Dog strollers are also useful for vet visits.

Pet strollers are awesome for the young, elderly and pampered pooches. For the young it is love at first sight, for the elderly or injured a new lease on life and the pampered the pleasure of front rows seats and admirers.
There are some seriously stylish pet stroller models on the market now, so you are spoiled for choice. As with all our quality product ranges at Pets Own Us, durability and value for money always trumps. Here we look at some frequently asked questions when it comes to buying a pet stroller.

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Size & Comfort

The dog stroller must accommodate your pet's weight or if you have two their combined weight. View our dog sizing guide. Check the dimensions of the carrier. He or she should be able to sit, turn and lie down comfortably. If you have a puppy, take his adult weight into consideration.

Is the dog cabin padded?

Most pet strollers come with a mattress fitted into the carrier. You may need to bring a pillow or doggies favorite blanket for elderly dogs that suffer from arthritis or hip joint issues for more comfort.

Is the top collapsible convertible style, mesh non zipper vs. zipper?

The dome or top of the stroller is what ultimately allows your dog and you to feel safe. Most are adjustable. It is very handy to zip up in crowded areas but still allows your dog to peer out. Generally speaking non mesh zippers last longer and have a framed folding system that allows you to adjust the dome with more flexibility according to weather and environmental conditions. Whilst out n about, your dog should be able to see outside but still be protected in a well ventilated carrier base when necessary from rain and sun as well as have adjustable open dome for social interactions with people or animal watching depending on his or her temperament

Is there a step or low entry point for your elderly or injured dog to get into the dog stroller?

The last thing you want is for your dog to hurt themselves jumping into the stroller. A step or a low riding stroller may be a better option to help minimize any further damage to injury. . If you have a puppy you can easily train him or her to enjoy and obey your instructions during outings from the start. You should always have a leash with you as well that could allow you to secure your dog in the stroller or to connect to the stroller handle while your dog walks or runs beside you. 

Dog Strollers & Safety

To ensure your dog remain safe in their dog pram, connect their harness to the two leash attachments provided in the cabin. Most dog strollers have a rear foot braking system you can engage when you are stationary or on an uphill. You can close up the mesh windows if you are moving through a crowded area or if you have an anxious dog.

View an editors choice comparison of the best dog strollers based on your breed and the carriage size. 

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For You

Are you a wanderer, walker, jogger or cyclist? Will you use the dog stroller for every day errands, exercise or perhaps you are taking your pooch on holiday with you?

Dog prams sturdy enough for the terrain?

The type of tyres and whether or not the pet stroller has suspension will determine what terrain it can handle. Don't choose wheels that are too small if you are going to be using it on uneven ground, grass, gravel or on off road trails. Choose a pet stroller with 3 tyres and suspension for balance, comfort and stability. Front wheels that rotate at 360 degrees but also have an option to lock are great for joggers who can lock the front wheel to keep the stroller on track as they run. The same applies for hiking in the UK with a dog stroller. 

Air filled tyres VS EFA foam tryes?

EFA foam tyres are lightweight and low maintenance. They are typically puncture proof up to the weight limit however they provide less traction than air filled tyres. Air tyres weigh a bit more, have excellent traction for rough terrain. However they are not puncture proof and can lose air, so you may need pump them up from time to time. 

Dog prams with adjustable handles?

An adjustable handle bar will ensure you can adjust it to your height as you walk so that you do not strain your back when you push or kick the stroller if you are jogging.

Is the dog pram light weight and easily folded for storage?

Check the dimension of the dog stroller when folded. Most quality pet strollers have a one handed folding system similar to baby strollers and are a lightweight design but they can take up space in a car. If you are traveling in the car with your dog and the stroller, you will also need a safety harness that works with the seat belts to secure your dog in the event of an accident.

Dog Stroller Accessories

Dog strollers usually include rain covers. Rain covers can be very useful and practical. Since dog prams with air tyres can puncture, it would be handy to carry a small air pump with you. Dog stroller storage bags are also fairly common and great to use both for storage and car travel. Other accessories that might be nice to have are stroller organisers for essentials. Some pet strollers do not have a storage basket.

Are you a cyclist?

Pet strollers that convert into a bike trailer with a rod connector are a great way to take your dog for a ride literally. Ideal for the active owner. They double up as a pet stroller which is very handy for other excursions. The tips mentioned above when making a choice for a bike trailer would also apply.

Even though we strongly advocate exercise for dogs, in some situations they may be elderly suffering from joint pain, recovering from injury or not up for a whole days outing. Pet strollers give you the option not to have to leave your beloved pet at home. It also saves you the strain of carrying your dog in a pet carrier and the joy of how much doggies love the whole experience pretty much seals the deal