Dog Car Seats for Small Dogs

Posted by Andrea ,Jan 12, 2024
Dog Car Seats for Small Dogs

Road trips with your furry friend is an exciting adventure, however it can take a fair amount of planning. From booking dog friendly places to visit in the UK to making sure you will have everything you need for your dogs comfort & safety. If you're a pet travel loving parent to a small dog, a dog car seat can be a game-changer.

A canine car dog seat ensures your dog can travel in style. We have a brand new collection of high quality handmade dog car seats to suit any car interior style and little fluffy personality. They double up as a pet travel bed, offering your dog first class views and they are filled with comfy silicone for dreamy long snoozes. 

The designs are created by Oh Charlie inspired by European charm, minimalism and contemporary highlights from beautiful fabrics. More on that later. Lets take a dive into the benefits of dog car seats for your small best friend.   

Benefits of Using Dog Car Seats

Secure & Safe for your Dog

One of the primary reasons to use a dog car seat is to ensure the safety of your small dog while traveling or running errands. To ensure your dog does not get injured in the case of an accident or sudden movement the dog car seat and your dog need to be securely strapped in. Your dog is susceptible to injuries during an accident or a sudden stop. Ensure you dog has a good quality harness to attach to the leash set of the car seat. Do not use the car seat in the front of your car if the car has a passenger air bag. 

UK Law for driving with your dog

Rule 57 of the Highway Code states that dogs (or any other animal) should be suitably restrained while in a vehicle so they can't distract the driver or cause injury to themselves or others in the event of an accident. This can lead to a fine up to £5,000 and even an appearance in court. 

However there is no specific law stating that your dog must wear a seat belt or a harness. More info here

Reduced Driver Distractions

Unrestrained dogs may jump around, try to sit on your lap, or even crawl onto the dashboard, diverting your attention from the road. When your dog is trained and knows where to sit during a car ride because he/she have a designated car seat everyone is happy & comfortable. Dog car seats reduce stress and potential unforeseen accidents caused by distraction. 

Why Dog Car Seats Are Suitable for Small Dogs

Tailored Design

Small dogs have different needs than their larger counterparts. Dog car seats are often designed with small breeds in mind, offering a comfortable lying space with high sides and cushioning.

Elevated View

Smaller dogs may struggle to see out of car windows, which some desperately want to do. Dog car seats provide an elevated vantage point, allowing your pet to enjoy the views from the comfort of their seat. It’s a lot of fun and its safe.

Enhanced Comfort

Smaller dogs and especially senior dogs can get uncomfortable during a long car ride. The dog car seats we have for sale are filled with silicone balls. They are plush offer extremely comfortable and cosy soft padding.

Reduced Motion Sickness

Some small dogs are prone to motion sickness. Being in a car seat with a stable and secure view can help reduce the symptoms of motion sickness by minimizing the dog's erratic movement during the ride.

 Dog care seat, Prestige

Why Dog Car Seats Are Ideal for Road Trips

Long-Distance Comfort

Road trips can mean hours of travel, and a dog car seat/ dog bed is an ideal solution. Your dog can sit up and watch the world go by or have a long snooze.

Easy Rest Stops

When you're on a road trip, you'll need to make pit stops for bathroom breaks and fresh air. Dog car seats make it easy to remove your dog from the car without risking escape or injury. Harnesses and tethers ensure they remain safe and controlled during these breaks.

Minimized Stress

Traveling long distances can be stressful for dogs, especially if they're not accustomed to it. The familiarity of their designated car seat and the reduced movement and noise can help keep your pet relaxed and calm.

Convenience and Versatility

Dog car seats are versatile and easy to install. They can be moved from one vehicle to another, making them convenient for road trips with multiple stops or rental cars. Great flexibility for pet parents on the move.

Dog Car Seat

What features should you look for in a Dog Car Seat

Size and Weight Limit: Ensure that the car seat is appropriate for your dog's size and weight.

Safety Features: Look for models with sturdy tethers, adjustable harnesses, and impact-absorbing materials.

Ease of Installation: Check if the car seat is easy to install and transfer between vehicles.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Opt for models with removable, machine-washable covers.

Comfort and Padding: Consider the comfort features, such as memory foam or plush padding.

Elevated Position: Choose a car seat that allows your dog to see out of the window .

Durability: Look for models made with high-quality materials to ensure longevity. 

Introducing designer dog car seats from Oh Charlie.

Oh Charlie are a pet fashion design brand focusing  on the highest quality fabric & materials. All their product ranges are hand sewn under the strict and direct supervision of the designer. Every small details is taken into consideration. They are not only beautiful in appearance but also highly durable. Oh Charlie dog car beds are not afraid of fangs and claws, They are easy to to remove from your car and use as a luxury travel bed. These car seats securely attach to your vehicles seat belt. There are 2 leashes provided to secure your dogs harness. You can also buy a matching harness to the design and style of the Oh Charlie car seats. 

View the Dog Car Seat full collection here.

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