Can I Put My Dog in a Baby Stroller? A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Andrea ,Oct 24, 2023
Can I Put My Dog in a Baby Stroller? A Comprehensive Guide

For many pet owners, their furry companions are far more than just pets; they are part of the family. This special bond often leads us to consider creative ways to include our dogs in our everyday errands and fun outings. One question that may pop  up, is can I put my dog in a baby stroller?. Well, yes you could but it is not ideal. Here’s why.

Stroller Size

Ensure that the stroller is appropriate for your dog's size and weight. Baby strollers tend to be for the maximum weight of a toddler. Likely up to 15kg – 20kg including all the kit you need when leaving the house with your child. If you have a medium or large dog this is not an option. 

Comfort and Security

The stroller should provide a comfortable and secure space for your dog. It should have a well-padded and supportive interior to prevent any discomfort during the ride, particularly for dogs with spinal issues or dogs recovering post surgery.

Baby strollers have very comfortable mattresses as babies are on their back for the majority of time spent in a stroller. Dogs on the other hand are sitting up on high alert, absorbed by their surroundings and all the activity around them. More like a sensory overload. This is one of the reason dog strollers are useful, to keep your dog safe in overcrowded areas. The stroller should have a harness or leash attachment to keep your dog safely secured inside the cabin in case they get the urge to jump or react.


Dogs can easily overheat, especially during warmer months. Both baby and dog strollers have mesh panels or zip up windows that provide proper airflow to keep your cargo cool and prevent overheating. However, most dog strollers have a large back window which is used as the exit and entry point for your fur baby to jump in and out. This allows for air flow through the cabin plus your dog can peek out the back mesh window watching whatever scene you have just strolled past.

Stability and Manoeuvrability

Ensure that the stroller is stable and easy to manoeuvre. Opt for strollers with sturdy construction, reliable wheels, and a reliable braking system to prevent accidents. Tick on this point for both baby & dog strollers.


Some strollers offer adjustable features, such as handle height, storage baskets, cup holders etc. These are great features available on both versions, baby & dog. They are features that would affect more the convenience of parents and are worth considering depending on what is important for you. If you have issues with your back or are particularly tall or short an adjustable handle will make the world of difference. Will you use the storage basket for shopping or your dogs goodies? Are you a runner/jogger?

Legal Considerations

While the concept of putting a dog in a baby stroller may seem harmless. It might be worth checking any legal restrictions or regulations in your area. This could potentially become a problem depending on your dogs temperament. If they are not securely attached in the stroller and some how jump out and cause havoc with another dog whose owner had zero idea there was a dog and not a baby in a stroller.

  What is the alternatives to a Baby Strollers

You already know of course. pet strollers. They have become increasingly popular post Covid. They do get a fair amount of surprised attention from passersby. Other alternatives include carriers, backpacks or slings

Dog Strollers

Instead of using a baby stroller, opt for a dog-specific stroller. These strollers are designed with the comfort and safety of dogs in mind. Dog strollers come in different sizes to suit specific breeds as well as different terrains.

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 Dog Carriers

If your dog is small enough, a pet carrier might be a suitable alternative. Pet carriers allow you to carry your dog while on the go. Choose carriers with proper ventilation and enough room for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down.

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Dog Backpacks or Slings

For smaller dogs, a dog backpack or sling can be a practical and hands-free option. These carriers allow you to carry your dog comfortably on your back or chest. Keeping your fur baby close to you is a special bonding experience.

While putting your dog in a baby stroller can be a convenient way to include them in your outings, you need to assess the stroller's size, comfort, ventilation, stability, and adaptability to ensure it meets your dog's needs.

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 Dog BackPack

Reasons to consider getting a dog stroller

There are various reasons you might consider investing in a dog stroller depending on your circumstances.

Injury or Mobility Issues: Dogs with injuries, arthritis, or other mobility issues may have difficulty walking long distances. The stroller is a great way to get your dog to the vet or to get out and about and get a little exercise, have a sniff and investigate the local park news. 

Senior Dogs: Older dogs may struggle to keep up with their owners during walks or outings. Don’t leave your dog behind, use a stroller so they do not miss out.

Small Breeds: Small dog breeds may have short legs and tire quickly, especially on longer walks. A stroller can give them a break when they need it.

Recovery from Surgery: After surgery or medical procedures, dogs often need limited activity and a stroller can help keep them from further injury.

Crowded Areas: In crowded or busy areas, such as fairs, festivals, or city streets, a stroller provides a safe space for your dog and avoids potential harm or overwhelm.

Multiple Dogs: If you have multiple dogs and one of them is unable to walk as far as the others, a stroller can help you manage their different exercise needs.

Weather Protection: Extreme weather conditions, such as intense heat or heavy rain, can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for dogs. A stroller can provide shelter and protection from the elements. Most strollers comes with a rain cover.

Terrain Challenges: Uneven or challenging terrains, like rocky trails or sandy beaches, can be difficult for some dogs to navigate. A stroller makes these places accessible for you both.

Traveling: When traveling with your dog, a stroller can be a convenient way to transport your pet through airports, hotels, or other unfamiliar environments.

Puppy Socialization: For young puppies that are not yet fully vaccinated, a stroller can be a safe way to expose them to new sights, sounds, and experiences. It also allows you to take your puppy with you on full day outings. 

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