Best Dog Car Ramps. Slip Proof Grass For Large Dogs

Posted by Andrea ,Sep 22, 2023
Best Dog Car Ramps. Slip Proof Grass For Large Dogs
Going on a road trip anytime soon?

Are you potentially putting the health of your dog at risk by requiring them to jump down from the high boot lips in your SUV?  That’s where a dog ramp comes in handy. We are excited to introduce you to Innopet's Non-Slip Grass Dog Ramp – a solution designed to provide your furry friend the freedom to ride shotgun. Well maybe not next to the driver but your faithful guard non the less. Ensuring their safety and comfort when entering and exiting your car. 

The Power of Mobility

For dogs, mobility is synonymous with joy. The ability to move freely, explore, and be a part of your daily activities is what makes them truly happy. But as dogs age or face mobility challenges due to injury, this freedom can be compromised. A Non-Slip Grass Dog Ramp offers a lifeline to dogs, giving them an opportunity to join in on all the fun. The longer the ramp, the less the incline. The Innopet ramp is 2m long and suitable for high SUV’s and boots. It folds up fairly flat to 1m so you can neatly store it in the boot.

 Discover Innopet's Non-Slip Dog Grass Ramps

Innopet, a renowned brand synonymous with innovation and pet travel, has once again raised the bar with their Non-Slip Grass Dog Ramps. These ramps are carefully crafted and as mentioned 2m long to ensure that your canine companion can navigate inclines and declines with ease, all the while providing a safe and secure footing.

Train Your Dog To Use A Dog Ramp

The grass texture is reassuring for anxious dogs. Introduce the dog ramp by letting your dog become familiar with it in a controlled environment. Place the ramp on a flat surface and allow your dog to investigate it at their own pace. You can encourage them with treats and positive reinforcement. Keep the initial sessions short. Motivate your doggie to continue using the ramp willingly with treats and positive affirmation. 

Begin training with a low incline or height. Position the ramp on a shallow surface, such as a few inches off the ground, and encourage your dog to walk up and down it. Reward their efforts. Gradually increase the height as your dog becomes more comfortable

Use a leash or harness during the training process. Your dog will associate this with walking on the ramp and you by their side once you have mastered the ramp in a controlled environment and ready to test it out on your car. 

Teach your dog commands like "up" and "down" to help them understand what you expect when using the dog ramp. Use these commands consistently during training sessions. Pairing commands with treats and praise will reinforce the desired behavior.
With some patience, treats and you by their side, your dog can feel confident using the aid of the car ramp when ever the join you for a ride.  

5 TOP Benefits of a Dog Car Ramp

  1. Non-Slip Surface: The surface of Grass Ramp is designed with your dog's safety in mind. The innovative non-slip texture ensures that even the largest dogs can confidently move up and down the ramp without the fear of slipping.
  2. Natural Feel: The grass-like texture of these ramps not only provides traction but also offers a sense of familiarity for your dog. This can make the transition onto the ramp smoother and more appealing, especially for dogs who might be initially hesitant.
  3. Joint-Friendly Design: As dogs age or face joint issues, jumping onto elevated surfaces can become painful. Innopet's ramps are designed at an optimal incline to minimize stress on your dog's joints, making it a comfortable option for dogs of all ages.
  4. Sturdy Build: The ramps are constructed to handle dogs weighing up to 110kg, showcasing Innopet's dedication to quality and durability. You can trust that these ramps are built to last, ensuring a long-lasting investment in your pet's well-being.
  5. Portable and Easy to Use: The lightweight design (7.7kg) and foldable structure make these ramps incredibly easy to transport and set up. Whether you're on a road trip, visiting friends, or the vet - convenience is key..

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