10 Luxury & Orthopedic Dog Beds UK

Posted by Andrea ,Sep 15, 2020
10 Luxury & Orthopedic Dog Beds UK
A range of luxurious dog beds designed for your dogs snoozing pleasure. Your pooch spends hours laying about, why not in the lap of luxury. Their safe place, just as your own bedroom and bed should be comfortable and the right size to ensure a good nights rest the same applies to your fur baby. We have highlighted some top brand luxury dog beds from orthopedic to day beds you can easily move around depending on the season and where your pooch prefers to rest as well as dog sofas fit for noble dogs. 

Quality materials and design translates to restorative rest. Choosing the best option for your pooch you would bear in mind their age, breed, size and sleeping patterns or preferences. Dogs generally spend half their day snoozing and sleeping for up to 13 hours. 
There is a lot to choose from, ideally, you should measure your dog's length and add 8-10" and compare that to the length of the new dog bed.  To measure your dog, use a tape measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the spine, where the tails starts.
How to measure your dog for a dog bed
Also take into account your dogs sleeping style. Curlers might prefer and feel safe in a circular bed. Stretchers might prefer a rectangular bed with high sides to rest their heads on. 
Lets start with our gorgeous collection of Luxury Dog Sofas
A hand crafted simple yet sophisticated design. The original wood base is made of high quality beech bent plywood crafted in a delicate arch. Your dog can stretch out or curl up on the light grey luxurious pillow. Their very own sofa featuring an inner mattress filled with resilient foam providing excellent support for your snoozing pup. It is however only available in one size, suitable for small and medium breeds.  
Luxury Arthur Dog Bed By Lord Lou


2) Arthur Luxury Pet bed By Lord Lou

Incredible craftsmanship in a stunning solid oak frame with a dreamy padded cushion. Low maintenance, easy to clean and an all round top quality dog sofa manufactured in the Netherlands. The cushion is 100% linen and microfiber. Available from sizes small to extra large. 


Antionette by Lord Lou


3) Antionette Luxury Dog Bed by Lord Lou

A sophisticated piece of pet furniture. The Antionette is luxurious comfort, your regal pooch on their own sofa. The padded fitted pillow is stain and dirt resistant and can be dry cleaned. Available in two sizes small and medium.


Cube Dog Sofa By Pet Interiors
 A timeless luxury leather design crafted in Germany. The natural cube for your dogs curling pleasure. Featuring an Orthopedic memory foam filling. Designed to last a lifetime. Available in 3 sizes small, medium and large. 
Then there are the minimalist designs of modern dog beds and cushions to compliment simple and uncluttered interiors. Minimalism and functionality go hand in hand, These pieces offer natural tones with a colour accent, extremely comfortable options for your pooch that you can easily move around the home. 
Quinten Dog Cushion

We love the natural, earth tone fabric and woven outer base. The Quinten has a water repellant cushion and the cover is machine washable. Incredible comfort to sink into. Available in 3 sizes - small, medium and large.
 Wheeler Dog Cushion
The mobile and versatile Free Wheeler. Luckily you can lock the wheels so your pooch does not go skating across the room when they hop on and off. Available in 3 down to earth colours- Army green, Stonewashed Black or Mocha. 
 Retro Vintage Pet Bed
A fun addition to any room. The vintage suitcase pet bed is eco friendly, stuffed with a cozy patterned cushion to cradle your fur baby. The cushion is reversible, available in one size for the little ones.
An adequate and ideal lying position must be the top priority when it comes to choosing a dog and cat bed. Normal commercial pet beds are usually filled with foam plastics with very little density. They are usually far too thin and not stable enough. High quality latex memory foam filling is anti-allergic, antibacterial, and regulates humidity and temperature. Latex also has antiseptic characteristics and is very unlikely to be attacked by mites.
 The padding is absolutely silent when your pet moves, thus enabling a quiet and restorative sleep. Latex has the capability of suspension, thereby regaining instant shape as positions change, as well as ensuring perfect relaxation for your beloved pet.

X Large Orthopedic Dog Beds


8) The Siro Twist X Large Orthopedic Dog Bed


The ultimate chill bed for heavy large dogs. Assists to protect your dogs joints and spine and relieves pain with the high quality latex memory foam filling. The older our dogs get the more time is spent dreaming. Dogs adore the warm and soft fleece cushion cover. It's a worthwhile investment. The Siro twist is available in various colours. 


Harry Orthopedic Pet Bed


9)  Harry Orthopedic Pet Bed by Pet Interiors

The Harry orthopedic pet bed is blissful for fur babies. The latex memory foam moulds to your pets shape. Designed for small dog breeds and cats. A luxurious bed for deeply restorative sleep. Available in 7 various complimentary colour combinations for the neddle felt bed and cushion. 


 Memory Foam Dog Mattress

10) Memory Foam Dog Mattress in Grey/Lime Faux Leather

 This innovative orthopedic dog mattress is made out of 100% viscoelastic memory foam. It is designed to promote ideal pressure distribution to every body region (normal foam materials react to counter pressure). While laying down the spine will be kept aligned, easing tensions, joints pain will be relieved, it even stimulates blood circulation. Hand made in Germany, with variation option for colour swatches to match any interior space.

 We believe in quality over replacing dog beds as they disintegrate over short periods of time. Our top 10 safe dens for your dog or cat that they will adore and of course looks fabulous.