Say Goodbye to Intruder TomCat

Posted by ,Apr 16, 2019
Intruder Cat
The lurking thief that breaks into your home, terrorizes your kitty and then has the audacity to spray and or eat their food. Have you experienced that dreaded sound of cat curdling screams that shake you awake and you realise it’s coming from inside your house? Desperate to deter the pest you may start scheming about buying a water gun or maybe something more aggressive when clapping and shoeing has no effect in soliciting any reaction.

Cats are naturally curious creatures, exploring new territories, looking for mates, comfort and food. Our free spirited felines decide for themselves if their home is up to scratch or go wandering for greener pastures. 

Pet Specialist David Grant says “Neutering reduces aggression in tom cats by 80%.  A simple approach initially is to let your cat out only when you are around and arm yourself with a water pistol. Most cats hate water and if you spray it near the other cat he will get the message. If both cats are neutered, be patient, don’t be surprised if they end up as friends”

Sometimes you have no idea who the intruder is, if they are neutered or not or even where they have come from. While it would be nice for our cats to make friends as opposed to enemies, it is our responsibility to keep them safe from harms way. Another sure way to keep you cat in and intruders out is a microchip cat flap. It works with your cats existing microchip essentially giving your cat his or her own key to their home. The is a smart solution that recognizes only family and lets them in leaving the intruder baffled at the cat flap. It also has an auto lock function to lock from the inside keeping your cat safely indoors when you want your kitty home.

SureFlap Cat Flap keeps intruders out

After experiencing first-hand the unpleasant consequences of unwanted neighborhood cats entering his home through the cat door and terrorizing his cat Flipper, Dr Nick Hill, a Cambridge physicist, set out to find a solution. The result after 3 years of research was SureFlap cat flap. The SureFlap comes with a 3 year warranty and is totally wireless as it is powered by batteries that should last you a year. It can also store up to 32 pets identities. Now on Sale for £ 69.99, it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.
If your cat does not have a microchip, you can purchase the SureFlap collar tags. No more sleepless nights. SureFlap Cat Flap is easy to install in a door, in glass or in a wall. For older felines that need some fresh air, SureFlap is easy to install close to the floor. 

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