Road Tripping with your furry best friend in tow.

Posted by Andrea ,Mar 24, 2022
Road Tripping with your furry best friend in tow.

Road tripping is great fun once you on the road that is. Nothing to do while the wheels are turning, a time to let your mind unwind as the world slowly passes by, assuming all the occupants get along for the duration. Most dogs greet the car with insane enthusiasm. So in theory it should be easy enough to get them in, keeping them safe and happy just requires a little planning.  

Safety First

It would wonderful to have your dog free in the front or back seat with their head catching air waves, making strangers point fingers but anything can happen so safety first. A safety dog harness is a good compromise with the window a third of the way open. I would recommend the Clikit Sport Harness from Sleepypod on Amazon if your dog is a medium to large breed and enjoys the car. A patent pending infinity loop design with three points of contact reducing forward and lateral movement in the event of a collision or sudden stop, protecting your dog. It can also be used as a walking harness which is convenient to attach a lead to before getting out of the car during breaks. In any case on a long road trip he or she will likely sleep most of the way. Air flow is important not only for your dogs comfort but for all passengers considering the inevitable dog snoozing farts.

Car Space

If you have a nervous traveller or a small breed dog you may prefer to opt for a crate. You will need to consider how much space you have in the car for a crate. The crate needs to be large enough for the dog to stand and turn around in. If you spend time getting them used to the crate not only on short trips but as a den at home they will happily get in the dog den once in the car. Henry Wags have an innovative designed kennel/crate ideal for your back seat or car boot.  For the smaller counterparts Isofix dog car seats are sturdy with toggles to secure seatbelts through.

Isofix og car seats

Before you Leave

Take your dog for a long walk, I know you thinking that’s so not practical, I have to pack. Okay, delegate if possible. Definitely do not feed your dog a few hours before leaving. Have treats and water easily available in the car. They may suffer from motion sickness. Check with your vet and take any necessary meds in case. Schedule a check up at the vet a week before leaving. Have your dog micro chipped if they are not already. Make sure you have an ID on their collar and without a doubt you have pics on your phone of your dog should he or she get lost.
Doggie Pack Check List
  •  Regular Food & Water
  • Treats
  • Collar & Leash
  • Medications
  • Toys
  • Protective clothing – Rain Coat & Jersey
  • Dog Blanket
  • Brush & Shampoo
  • Flea comb and tick remover
  • Poop bags
Plan your route

Whether you are a spontaneous adventurous type or the meticulous planner you will need to stop often to let your furry friend stretch their legs, relieve themselves and explore a little. Don’t leave them in the parked car for long periods, it’s not nice .  Plan to take your time either way, plan to be flexible if you are held back by unforeseen circumstances. Knowing of potential pet friendly stop options along your route will put your mind at rest. Check out Bring Frido for info on pet friendly accommodation and restaurants in Europe.

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