Best Types of Dog Carriers Compared

Posted by Andrea ,Jan 18, 2024
Best Types of Dog Carriers Compared

One of the great advantages of a dog carrier for small and medium sized dogs versus a dog pram is the ease of convenience and use. 

Carriers are light weight, you can take them practically anywhere and they require very little storage space. 

Dog Carriers

Dog carriers come in all sorts of versions. Sling or shoulder pet bags, pet trolleys, front carriers, car safety carriers, airline dog carriers and dog backpacks.

There are some beautifully designed pet carriers for everyday errands, vet visits and travelling with your pets. Your pooch will start associating the activity you engage in with their carrier as soon as you grab it to put them inside. Maybe it is worth getting different kinds of dog carriers for different activities. All a personal preference but certainly any small dog owner will find a dog carrier is essential and convenient. 

Dog Carrier

Which is the best dog carrier for your dog?
Dog Carriers for Walking

Sling Dog Carrier

Sling dog carriers hang off your shoulders. They are designed and made from strong fabrics to support the weight of your dog. A bit like a baby sling or kangaroo pouch especially created for your little one. The close contact fosters a special bond between the dog parent and fur baby can be helpful for anxious pets, sensitive older dogs or puppies.

The sling carrier leaves you hand free. Secure your dogs harness to the internal leash and ensure they are able to sit or lie down in a comfortable position while you are walking or moving. Let them have a wiggle about and get comfortable and can breathe easily so that they are settled before you leave on your journey.

Sling dog carriers are a great option for walking, using trains and the subway. They have pockets for essentials. The shoulder straps are adjustable, you can wear it across you body to rest on your hip or over one shoulder. 

We have just received a new range of stylish colours and materials from Muffin & Berry

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Muffin & Berry Sling Bags

If you have a Dachshund or a similar breed with short legs and long bodies you can look for carriers that have a solid longer base for support. Read more here

Dog BackPacks

Dog backpacks can be a comfortable well designed carrier for both you and your dog. The padded shoulder straps and added support around you waist ensures the weight is evenly distributed. You can carry your dog for miles on adventures walking, camping or hiking. 

Breaks of course are essential. Let your dog out of the backpack frequently to stretch their legs. Small dogs can be vulnerable in wild areas with predators present. A backpack will keep them safe and close by. They will get the most out of a trip without tiring. Side pockets for storing small essentials and mesh windows for good ventilation should come standard with any good quality backpack.  

Some backpacks also double up as car seats and securely attach to your cars seatbelt. 

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Dog Trolleys

Dog trolleys or carriers with wheels come in handy for urban exploring or vet visits. They are generally more spacious for your dog and keep them safe and contained in crowded areas. Some of the dog trollies have hidden backpack straps so you can switch to a backpack and some models have the options to strap it securely in your car through the seat belt. Clever versatile designs to suit different situations without having to take your dog in and out of the carrier during short trips.   

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Ibiyaya Pet Carrier Trolley


Dog Carriers for Cycling

Bike Dog Carriers

Dog carriers for your bike can fit onto the front or rear of your bike. If your dog moves around a lot the rear is likely a better option for stability while you cycle. It's important there are at least 2 tether points to secure your dogs harness and ensure they do not jump out. 

The connection via a britch or rack must be sturdy to hold the dog carrier and weight of your dog. The Cocoon Doggyride is one of our favourite bike baskets and comes with all the gear you need to attach the carrier securely to your bike. It doubles up as a carrier and secure car seat. It is an ideal bike carrier for dogs up to 11kg. 

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If you think a dog bike trailer would be a better option for dog that are on the cusp of small & medium and may need a bit more space, read more on the best dog bike trailer recommendations. 

Dog Backpacks for Cycling  

Ready for a wheelie good time with your furry friend by strapping on a doggy backpack?! The K9 Sports sac is like the rockstar of canine gear, designed by veterinarians and dog trainers with safety and comfort as a top priority. This backpack is simplicity at its finest – perfect for your daily pedal-powered adventures. Picture this: your pup snug as a bug in the backpack, paws casually resting on your shoulders, ready to roll into the fun zone and share some quality bonding time with their cycling sidekick (that's you!). These rad backpacks aren't just for bikes; they'd be just as cool hitching a ride on a motorbike. 

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Cycling dog backpack

Dog Carriers for Planes

Airline Approved Dog Carriers

Flying with your dog can create anxiety and stress, while you scour the internet trying to figure out the rules and regulations to fly with your dog in cabin. We do know your pet needs to be 8kg or less to travel in cabin with you. Different airlines have specific rules regarding the dimensions of the dog carrier. You will need to confirm the weight of the carrier, length, width and height. Firstly to ensure the airline will let you take it on board and most importantly that your fur baby will be comfortable enough for the duration on your flight. 

Muffin & Berry have handcrafted these gorgeous airline approved carriers that slip onto the handle of your luggage and have adjustable straps to hang from your shoulders. It features high quality cotton lining is comfortable and breathable with mesh windows for ventilation. These airline carriers are available in various colours. 

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Dog Carriers for Cars

Car Dog Seats

We have mentioned a few carriers that can double up as a car seat. This also can work in reverse for some dog car seat brands where the main purpose is to use the dog seat in your car and as a carrier and portable bed. These are great for anxious dogs and make life very simple as you do not need to take your dog in and out of a carrier or seat between point A & B. If you need to keep your dog safe and secure whilst in the car then a dog car seat is worth the investment. They can take up some space but you will wholeheartedly know your fur baby is safe and comfortable. 

Dog car seats are designed to either fit in the passenger seat, although not recommended if an accident occurs and the airbags deploy. Alternatively you can fit the dog car seat in the rear of your car attached to the rear seat belt. The car seat will have 2 tethers to connect to your dogs harness. They can sit or lie down comfortably and watch the world go by. 

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 Dog Car Seat

We would love to hear from you. What dog carriers have you tried and found most comfortable for you and your dog?

We are always happy to help. Please contact us with any queries.