Dutch Dog

Dutch Dog

Cargo Roof Rack for the Novel

Ready for your next adventure Installs quickly and easily. Allows you to secure gear to the rack and hit the trails for your next adventure. Can also be used in combination with a stroller, like a...
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Dutch Dog Doggyride Extra Leash Set  DRLS01 Pets Own Us

Doggyride Extra Leash Set

Doggyride Extra Leash Set When riding with two dogs in a trailer use this V-shaped leash set to secure your dog inside the cabin. One leash set is included with each trailer. Can also be used...

Doggyride Mini or Novel Bike Kit

Turn your Mini or Novel stroller into a dog bike trailer Kit includes orange safety flag, tow bar, hitch and leash set to convert your DoggyRide Mini stroller into a DoggyRide Mini bike trailer

DoggyRide Mini Pet Mat

The Doggyride Mini pet mat designed to snuggly fit into the Doggyride Mini Dog Trailers & Strollers. 

Doggyride Mini Stroller Kit

Turn your Mini bike trailer into a dog stroller Kit includes a push bar, swiveling wheel, and parking brake to convert your trailer to a stroller.

Doggyride Novel Bike Conversion Kit

Turn the stroller into a bike trailer and getting riding. Includes an orange safety flag, tow bar, leash set and hitch to convert a stroller to a bike trailer.