A guide to choosing the right dog harness

Posted by ,May 15, 2019
One of the best highlights of my day is taking my dog for his walk, actually he is the one taking me for a walk. The absolute joy that our Miska expresses when he sees his harness and preparations made for his walks lights up my dullest days. We always both return in a far better head space and physically more relaxed than when we left, well the head space I can only speak for myself.

All the dogs that have owned me have improved my outlook, health and lifestyle and I'm grateful to them. Even though the truth is I'm being taken for a walk, Miska needs to know I'm in control. The dog harness was a good alternative to a leash and collar particularly in the beginning of our walking days. Thanks to modern innovative designs you can leave your dog in his or her harness all day, which is incredibly convenient when traveling, adventuring or on holiday with your best friend. If your dog is not micro chipped, you will find most harnesses have a mini pocket or V ring for you to attach ID tags.

The Benefits of a Dog Harness

Distributes pressure evenly between the chest and the back
No strain on the neck
Great for dog training
Gives you greater control over your dog without harming them
A comfortable fit goes a long way, stopping dogs who wiggle out and making a run for it
Some harness double up as crash tested secure harnesses for car travel
Offers extra support for elderly or injured dogs
So what kind of harness is best for your dog? There are harnesses for all sizes and breeds. Following the sizing guides will help you choose the best fit. Below we have listed some harnesses you would use for everyday rendezvous, traveling in a car, adventure activities and harnesses specifically designed for senior citizens or recovering injured dogs that need some fresh air and light exercise.

 The Everyday Harness 

If you are looking for an everyday harness that fits like a second skin make sure you study the sizing guide before choosing the right one. An all day wear alternative to a collar is the Front Range™ Harness from Ruffwear. It’s easy to put on, with four points of adjustment, it offers a snug fit for all shapes and sizes. There are two leash attachment points: one on the back for normal walking and one on the front for extra control with leash-pullers. A small pocket discreetly stores ID tags. The padded chest and belly panel add extra comfort. This harness is a great option for dogs who are working on obedience training or for any dog as an alternative to a collar.

Ruffwear Front Range

The Extra Support Harness

If you have an elderly or injured dog you may be looking for a harness that offers more support. The Web Master Harness from Ruffwear features five points of adjustment, padding in the chest and belly straps. It is an anatomical design that’s comfortable and allows balanced lifting and load dispersion. A padded handle makes it easy for you to hold onto your dog offering assistance over obstacles or uphill climbs like stairs. The Ruffwear Web Master™ Harness includes two convenient leash attachment points: a V-ring on the top or a webbing loop behind the padded handle. This is also a great option for working dogs offering maximum support during the course of the day. 

Ruffwear Webmaster 

Adventure Dog Harness 

If you and your dog are adrenalin adventure seekers, you will love the Omnijore Harness which is part of the Ruffwear Omnijore™ System. What's is for? The pulling-specific design is for dog-powered activities like skijoring, bikejoring, mountainboard-joring, skatejoring, or canicross. It includes the Omnijore Hipbelt and Omnijore Towline with four points of adjustment for a great fit and removable girth straps to assist dogs through the joring learning curve. It must be an amazing feeling to experience the momentum and trust you develop with your dog through these crazy activities, hats off to all of you who do!

Ruffwear Omnijore 

Crash Tested Car Harness

Planning a road trip with your dog in the back seat? You need to buckle up your best buddy. We highly recommend either the  Load Up™ Harness  from Ruffwear or the Clickit Sport Harness from Sleepypod. Both have good reviews, are comfortable for your dog during extended travel and have been crash tested. The main differences being the Clickit Sport has plastic hardware and the Loadup has metal hardware. The Clickit Sport has a leash attachment and the Load up does not. The Clickit is a little more complicated to secure to the back seat belt. The Clickit is not suitable for Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, Afghan Hounds,Borzoi. In this case again, consult the sizing guide accurately for a the perfect fit. 
Sleepypod Clickit Sport VS Ruffwear Load UP

 If you have any questions or comments, please reach out. We are here to help.