Orthopedic pillow with High-Quality-Latex-Filling

An adequate and ideal lying position must be the top priority when it comes to choosing an dog and cat bed. Normal commercial pet beds are usually filled with foam plastics with very little density. They are usually far too thin and not stable enough, resulting in your dog or cat ending up sleeping on the hard, cold floor in no time. 
Pet Interiors orthopedic cat cushion and dog pillow inlet was specifically developed and optimized for pets. The pillow inlets are filled with high-quality-latex-flakes with an extremely high density. As a general rule, the higher the density, the more elastic, durable and sustainable the pillow. Thanks to the high density, the pet pillows maintain their stability and shape for a long time, remain permanently elastic, are hard wearing.
The excellent point elasticity of our latex filling moulds perfectly to the individual shape of your cat or dog, there is no compression on the inter vertebral disks and moving joints of the spine. An excessive compression on the spine would interfere with its regeneration.
Thanks to the optimized height of the pet pillows - which varies according to the size and weight of the pets - and to the specific latex filling in their core, the indoor pillows for cats and dogs offer a perfect sensation of lightness and relaxation for their spine and their joints. 
Through the usage of latex, the cats and dog pillows are anti-allergic, antibacterial, and regulate humidity and temperature. Latex also has antiseptic characteristics and is very unlikely to be attacked by mites.
The padding is absolutely silent when the animal moves, thus enabling a quiet and restorative sleep. Latex has the capability of suspension, thereby regaining instant shape as positions change, as well as ensuring perfect relaxation for your beloved pet.

Care of the latex cushion

If necessary, the cushion can be machine-washed at 60º C. Drying at low temperature in tumble dryer.
High Quality Orthopedic Pillow