Luther Bennett provides a range of car beds for dogs of different sizes and breeds

 Discover the Perfect Option for Your Pooch: A Variety of Choices Available!



Pet Travel Beds For Small Breeds

Create a Cozy Haven for Your Pint-Sized Pup with our Portable and Easy-to-Clean Dog Pods.

Dog Car Seats For Mid-Size Dogs 

Designed for medium-sized dogs, Luther Bennett's portable dog beds prioritize your fur baby's comfort and safety. This guarantees a secure and stable journey, preventing any movement during turns or stops.

Car Dog Beds For Large Dogs

This car dog bed fits in the back seat or trunk, providing more space and support than a regular seat or crate. It prevents your dog from sliding or falling off, avoiding potential injuries or anxiety.
Regularly monitor the page for additional travel pods for your canine companions. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure with your furry friend.

Car Seat Dog Bed Features

Consider the extensive selection of dog Travel Pods available from Luther Bennett, and take note of these key features when selecting the ideal one for your pet:

Size Options:

Select travel pods in various sizes for different dog breeds. Assess the space in your car and choose a size that fits appropriately. Opting for the right size ensures your pet has ample space to stretch and lie down comfortably.

Material Quality:

The material chosen for the bed impacts your dog's comfort during car rides. Seek durable, comfortable fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain, like those found in Luther Bennett’s Dog Pods collection. Dogs can snuggle into deep sleep quickly.

Safety & Fitting:

Luther Bennett's dog beds feature attachments that secure the bed to the car seat, preventing your pet from sliding or falling off during sudden stops or turns and ensuring a safer travel experience.


With portable car beds for dogs, you can bring your pet on all sorts of adventures, perfect for road trips and outdoor activities. Provide your furry friend with the comfort and familiarity they deserve no matter where your adventures lead.

Water Resistance

A water-resistant luxury dog car seat protects the car's interior from stains and odors caused by accidents or spills during car rides.

Benefits of Using Dog Beds For The Car Seat

Dog Pods are a must-have for happy travels with your pets and here are some of the benefits you must know:

Comfort & Security

These car beds provide a secure and comfortable area for your pet to rest during long travels. The plush padding and bedding ensure your furry friend stays stable and secure in the car.

Protects Car Interiors

Pet beds serve as a shield, safeguarding your dog and the car's interior from scratches, fur, and dirt, ultimately reducing the time and effort required for cleaning.

Prevents Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is common in some dogs during car rides. Our well-designed dog Travel Pod provides better support and stability, potentially reducing motion-related discomfort.

Promotes Better Behavior

Having a designated space for your dog in the car can encourage better behavior. It gives them a clear boundary and helps them associate car rides with a positive experience.