The Philosophy of Lord Lou®

Whether it’s curious, independent felines or affectionate and playful dogs, we know first-hand what it means to love pets. We comprehend the deep-rooted wish to lavish them with attention and the best surroundings so that they can go ahead and play, purr, wag their tails and generally make us happy. 

The Best Comfort & Style Available

In fact, at Lord Lou ® we understand this so well that we’ve challenged the traditional concept of the “comfortable pet basket” to become better, more expressive, more stylish and more beautiful to look at. To become an expression of our love and appreciation for our best friends, as they should actually be. Consequently, we also encourage you to treat your pet like royalty and offer them the best comfort and style available.


Over 30 Years of Experience

Lord Lou® has a long history of passion for high-quality furniture and deep-rooted affection for adorable pets. It resulted in Lord Lou®’s present-day form.

Max Al-Rawi (owner Lord Lou) tells us a bit about the family business’ history: “Not many people know that we have over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry. Back in the days, my father Luay Al-Rawi began his career by traveling the world as importer of antique novelties. In 1995 he opened his first factory, focusing on the design and production of high-quality furniture for humans.”

Lilian, Max’s mother, combined the experience in interior design with her ever-growing love for pets. It made her fill a niche in the market: that of royal pet products. That was the beginning of an exciting journey with Lord Lou®.


Why do we do it?

Max: “I believed in Lord Lou’s products, mission and vision. So much that I joined the company in 2015. And it has been quite the experience over the past few years. Traveling around the world to find the best fabrics and materials, designing and creating sustainable products and completing pet-owners interiors with designer pet products. I can’t imagine doing anything other than this. And I can’t wait to make this company as well-known as it should be.”


Design Pet Accessories for Your Interior

Most pet owners and design-lovers recognize the struggle of trying to fit pet furniture into a design interior. That’s exactly what makes us tick. 

Pet Furniture That Blends in

We believe our fluffy friends merit the same luxury as we do. We, therefore, use the same materials for pet products as we would with traditional furniture.
Accordingly, our pet accessories are designed with your home interior in mind. To not only fit but actually blend into your carefully selected items.


Finest, High-quality Materials

To provide this amount of luxury in our pet products, we don’t compromise in any way. We ensure a sustainable supply chain in which materials, labour and environment are taken into account. Our pet products are made from high-quality materials and fabrics which if needed, we’ll find across borders. Sourcing is done globally because this is how we discover the latest trends in the industry. 

Timeless, Fashionable Products

Without exception, we use the finest local materials, including stonewashed fabric and vegetable-tanned leather, to deliver timeless and high-quality fashionable products for both your pet and your home.

We believe in attention and care; hence, all our products are hand checked before shipment. 

Packaging for Unboxing Experiences

We are known for our beautiful products with glamorous packaging. Because there’s nothing truly more satisfying than watching a happy tail-wagger or fluffball getting over-excited during an unboxing experience.

Our products are shipped globally to those who believe their pets deserve the best and are willing to go the extra mile. Just like us.