The felt used is 100 % made of sheep's wool. The felts are natural products mechanically manufactured in Germany only by means of humidity, pressure and warmth; they are hardened without the addition of any binding materials. This small felt basket has a base made from hardwearing needle felt.
Material: Felt 100% sheep wool, needle felt 100% Polypropylen

Care of felt

The felts utilized are damp-resistant and can be easily cleansed with a wet cloth and a delicate neutral soap solution. In case of obstinate dirt, the felt can also be dry-washed.


It was the animals themselves that chose the fabric for the covers. During  a series of long test, Pet Interiors laid out the most varied types of fabrics in the office, where the four-footed could lie down and sleep. The fleece now used was unanimously selected by every cat and dog as their favourite material. Animals love this material because of its closely-woven pile, its softness and its warmth features. But this fabric is also suitable for cushion covers thanks to the breathable activity of the material. The cosy fleece from 100% polyester, with a density of 400 g per square meter, is manufactured in Italy for high-quality outdoor coverings. It remains perfectly soft and fluffy even after frequent washing and has an anti-pilling system.
Material: Fleece 100% Polyester

Care of Fleece

Cushion covers can be machine-washed at 30º C and then gently dried in a dryer at low temperature.