Dog Prams are a very practical solutions for both pet parents and their dogs

When your pets can no longer manage the distance on a leash, they can safely ride in their stroller and get out at your regular park to play and get some exercise. All dogs yearn to spend time with their owners and where better than to enjoy the outdoors together. They make a visit to the vet stress free. Apart from taking your fur baby with you shopping, for strolls in the park or a bike ride, pet strollers can be game changers for:  

Elderly dogs 

Older dogs do not have as much energy as they used to. They may no longer be able to go for longer walks. A dog stroller allows them to enjoy outings from the comfort of their chariot. There is no need to leave them at home. 

Injured dogs 

Dogs that have been hurt need time to recuperate. They will likely feel frustrated as will you through the process. Dog prams that have a cosy comfortable cabin provide a safe space and some relief from being immobile at home. 

Paralyzed or Disabled dogs 

A dog buggy can help your paralyzed or disabled dog join in the fun. Disabled dogs cannot manage the distance and the dog strollers assist to get them form point A to B. 

Sick dogs 

Dogs that are sick may be too weak or tire easily restricting their mobility. 

Rescued dogs 

 If you're fostering or adopting a dog from a bad situation, a dog stroller can help these bruised souls feel safe and comfortable. Dog prams are a great solution for nervous dogs, once they trust being in the stroller, they will have a ball on all the activities you can share. 

Dogs with heartworm 

 Dogs who have been diagnosed with heartworm have to be inactive for months to prevent damage to their organs. 

Dogs with hip dysplasia 

Dogs with hip or elbow dysplasia are often big dogs that have lived an active life but now struggle with pain. This can be debilitating both mentally and physically. 

Post surgery 

 Dogs that need to recuperate from surgery get frustrated, a dog pram can assist easing everyone's exasperation and keeps them safe from further injury.

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