It is very important to measure your dog correctly to ensure the best and most comfortable fit. Please note that Baker & Bray product ranges are all hand-made, the size may slightly vary.


Measuring for Dog Collars

With a flexible tape measure, measure around the base of your dogs neck where the collar is normally worn.  Insert of couple of your fingers to make sure it will be a comfortable fit, then record the measurement in cm. 

Collar & Bandana Sizing 

Size Length Width
X-Small 22-28 cm (7-11 in) 1.5 cm (0.6 in)
Small 27-34 cm (11-13 in) 1.5 cm (0.6 in)
Medium 33-40 cm (13-15 in) 2 cm (0.8 in)
Large 39-50 cm (15-20 in) 2.5 cm (0.9 in)
X-Large 49-60 cm (19-23 in) 2.5 cm (0.9 in)
 Bandana - Medium 40 cm (15 in)  
Bandana - Large     45 cm (17.5 in)  


Lead Sizing

Currently Baker & Bray produce only one lead size, of length 120cm (82 in).
Chelsea and Paris styles have width 1.6cm (0.6 in), and Pimlico style has width 2cm (0.8 in)

Measuring for Dog Clothing

The most important measurement for jackets is the back length. You want to ensure your dog is covered and kept warm and dry.
The neck and chest measurements for the clothing ranges are generous and the velcro straps allow you to reduce or enlarge the fit depending on the shape of your dog.
We recommend you choose the size giving the most comfortable fit. If your dog is broader, has a thick coat or is right at the top of a size, consider going up a size.
Length - Measure from the base of the neck (where the collar would normally sit) to the base of the tail along the dog's backbone
Neck - Measure around the neck as you would for a collar
Chest - Measure right around the body around the deepest part of your dog's chest, usually just behind the dog's front legs



Jacket Sizing






25 cm (10 in)

50-65 cm (20-26 in)

38-50 cm (15-20 in)


30 cm (12 in)

55-66 cm (20-26 in)

44-55 cm (17-22 in)


35 cm (14 in)

55-68 cm (22-27 in)

48-60 cm (19-24 in)


45 cm (16 in)

55-72 cm (22-28 in)

50-60 cm (20-24 in)


55 cm (18 in)

60-76 cm (24-30 in)

50-63 cm (20-25 in)